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About Greg & River Valley Outfitters

My obsession for waterfowl hunting started when I was about three years old. I can vividly recall wanting to be with my father every chance I could in the duck blind, watching taking everything in.

Just seeing the ducks work the decoys with their feet out ready to land hooked me for life. I loved every aspect of the duck hunt from cleaning decoys, prepping blinds, picking birds and being around my close friends and family. I just could never get enough duck hunting and all that goes with it.

Now it's your turn. My goal is to pass along all the great hunts and experiences I've had to you. Call or email me and I would be happy to talk more with you over the phone.

Greg Galli





A Few Of Greg's Adventures

I bring to the table over 41 years of duck hunting experience. I will provide a great waterfowling event each and every time in the blind. Here are some photos of duck hunts, deer, fishing and pheasant hunts I've been on.

Oregon 2019 Opener 

Specks in the wild rice

Salmon 2020

2020 Turkey Season

2019 G-19

2020 C Zone 


A day with the machine

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